Monday, 1 October 2012

Up early (0500) and mastered Skype at McDonald's. As mentioned, despite trying for a low fat option, my choices were unavailable so I settled for the Sausage McGriddle deal.
The goods news.... All KILO-CALORIES were burnt off! MAGIC!
Walking from Ground Zero to the North End of Central Park and back - was magic (but exhausting   “Distractions” along the way:
Broadway, St Patrick’s Cathedral (old and new - can you believe tourists walk through the cathedral during Mass time?), TIME SQAURE, THE Empire State Building, Tiffany's & all the well known fashion stores, The Museum of Art (OMG - I seriously cried), Central Park itself & the Highline Walk (seeing the moon rise over The Empire State Building is a site I will not forget) ... I have estimated I traversed at least 20km’s – feet are very sore! - and all I had for nutrtional support was ...... a salad – (yes just salad)  (at Tiffany’s – well right near Tiffany's . After passing SO many fast food OUTLETS – a salad at Tiffany’s was delightful. (Post note: I had not seen that many fat people in Manhattan - but today is Monday as I post this and they are out and about  (Do they hide them in NYC on weekends)? ...
after such a big day I did not have teh energy to go for dinner (Steak was on my mind) so .... a small bag of liquorice was consumed before falling asleep to New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles = Eagles won.
Amongst all of this opulence and BIGNESS, there is bagged rubbish everywhere (odd) 
I luv it! (no police here though?) 

"Just keep walking Phill"

I said No - this was difficult

 Fast "food?"
For all the Girls (and the girl in you) 

For Rogan

I cried at seeing this Matisse" Lilacs" this and many other masterpieces (Man Tears!)
A simple salad for lunch!

For you Rose - Chocolate (no I did not have any) 


After taking in the Museum of Art (NYC) ; and the emotion that goes with seeing such an amazing collection of master pieces (I teared up on a couple of occasions (man tears!)) - I was inspired by the moon rising over the Empire State Building - taken from the High-line walk - the movement produced the slightly blurred effect that is reminiscent of the master pieces seen earlier in the day. ( I think I will have this one printed on my return- rather proud of it!) 

Soaked in maple syrup!

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  1. PHILL - you are on a DIET! A McGriddle deal and a bag of licorice do not a diet make!!!

    Your pics are fab though, especially the one from the high-line - that is GOLD