Sunday, 30 September 2012

Now in New York. It is a city that sleeps. (Except for McDonalds)
Last night I was very good. I passed on all the fatty food vans - there are HUNDREDS - ranging from sausage, waffle, soup, burger, ANYTHING fried, ANYTHING sugar - I have heard - "can I upsize that!"; "I would like a LARGE". I also passed on BURGER KING, DUNKIN DONUTS and "GOODBURGER" (as if!)
While walking the ten kilometres or so (Brookly & Manhatten Bridges); nutritional support was foudn in a fresh apple and water; followed by a nice Chinese pork and vegetable soup in a quaint store... The Big Hing Wong!
So it was yes to the above and NO to :

alas ....
Breakfast I succumed to a  Sausage McGriddle deal (egg, meat (i think), cheese (I think) & wait for it ... maple syrup ( I really was not expecting that) - they were out of the two healthy options I tried to get - seriously... Off to breakfast (coffee) at Tiffanies


  1. Phill - you buy DIAMONDS at Tiffanies, you'll need to get your coffee elsewhere.

    Do you love NYC SICK???? BEST place on earth. I think you should at least have a real pretzel to celebrate.

  2. No Diamonds - just blisters from walking (20KM yesterday); just wandering in AWE .- AMAZING; Manhattan people are surprisingly UNFAT.. :)