Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A day of travel 
from Newburgh to Washington DC to Capron Virginia. 
Tomorrow I visit the Deerfield Prison, where Virginia's prisoners are sent to grow old. (more tomorrow) 
The Alarm was set for 4:30am and the car was moving by 5:00am to traverse to the National Mall, Washington DC - this took about 4.5 hours.
Breakfast was yoghurt on the run and bad coffee.
I am yet to have a bagel..... (resistance is useless)
Lunch was nuts and sultana's with water whilst running around the National Mall; there is so much here: Lincoln's memorial, the Smithsonian Museums, Art Gallery, Capitol Hill, Memorials, White House, etc. etc. All truly amazing. Reading the Gettysburg address in the Lincoln memorial makes you really appreciate the differences in US culture - truly remarkable...
After 6 hours of running around it was necessary to make the 3 hour drive to Capron Virginia (You need 4 days in Washington DC to do it all justice -  at least) - I consider myself so lucky to have the opportunity to squeeze this visit in - it is research for a family visit!
The three hour drive to Capron took 4.
 If you have ever seen the Road Runner and how the highways intermingle... well that was driving today. 
THERE IS NO WHERE TO STOP - oh while I am at it ....
TOILETS (REST ROOMS) are bloody difficult to find
Any way,  The GPS found it difficult to distinguish between the close proximity of the multitude of highways and gave wrong directions. The eventual solution was to pick a route with a familiar name and just move out of the jungle - it worked After an hour)
Dinner..... I nearly gave into the King.... "Burger King" (he is beckoning me) but I stumbled across a Chinese Restaurant (run by Ming - who was Vietnamese); Beef and broccoli in a black sauce (CHEF'S SPECIAL) with something that looked like a spring role....
it had egg in it and tasted ...
 sort of sweet
- I also made the mistake of trying a Dr Pepper soda - never again.... 

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