Sunday, 28 October 2012

Mexico City

Food & Weight.
Now out of the USA, one can feel slightly relaxed about the diet issue (not too relaxed); So - have I lost weight? Well.... I can say I have not put on weight. Clothes & pants the same - the scales in Mexico indicate I have NOT put on weight, but the real truth will occur on the weigh in at head office (and home).

I indulged in the THE most delicious - Taco - completely different to what I have ever had - rolled like a cannelloni and stuffed with shredded roast chicken with; minced avocado, very finely sliced lettuce, an amazing bean sauce and.... feta cheese. Taco's will never be the same.

Today I took a quick tour of Mexico City.  It is Sunday, so naturally I went to two churches (catholic of course) - the first San Augustine Palanco. To enter the church and hear the piped organ and choir singing would have and affect on an atheist. 

A quick trip to central Mexico City revealed (on a Sunday morning) revealed a history that, as an Aussie, is difficult to comprehend. It is quite and easy to move around (see later) When you look carefully at the following photo's you will notice that some buildings (their walls) appear to be leaning;  It's a common phenomenon in this city, where many buildings are sinking, as each year Mexico City's 23 million thirsty residents suck up water from the aquifer beneath one of the world's largest metropolises. As the water level in the aquifer drops, the ground above it sinks (unevenly) which means in some parts of the city, sidewalks buckle, window frames lean, subway lines need expensive repairs and drainage canals no longer flow downhill!

Following a visit to the sights above, it is 2pm. 
It is now a crowded city (23 Million people awake!)
The same population we have in Australia.

A true extrovert would love this moment! 

so many people, so many cars, so much activity and so many conversations,
all in Spanish (Mexican) and I have NO Spanish knowledge. 

 - It's a great experience, making you appreciate what it must be like for so many people who, for what ever reason, can not - or have difficulty with communication. 

Mexico City is the host city to the 2012 ICPA Conference - ( International Corrections and  Prison Associations) The ICPA was formed to operate as an Association for corrections and prison professionals, dedicated to improving global understanding and professionalism in the sector. 
There are over 500 delegates from countries all over the planet.

The question is - is someone working in the care of aged prisoners.


  1. The other question is: will anyone supervise the food intake of the delegates??

  2. it is not the food intake that needs to be worried about ....