Sunday, 21 October 2012

Mississippi Delta

Graceland was, well, underwhelming - compared to Beale St and Sun Studio.
The house itself was not as big as I imagined; the grounds were grand.
The industry behind the whole Elvis thing is MASSIVE and one feel, it continues the gaudiness of his later years.... still it had to be done!

Ohhh, If you are wondering what the link is to Prisons  ... Elvis & Graceland; Sun Studios & Johnny Cash .... "Jail House Rock" and  "Folsom" .....(might try to venture to Folsom in California)

So.....  - Memphis to Jackson it is.

.. to be ready for the tour of the Mississippi, the State Penitentiary, which  houses male offenders classified to all custody levels and Long Term Segregation and Death Row.

on the way to Jackson, a slight detour is made, along the Mississippi Delta 

This is beautiful country, rich in history, river trade, cotton fields and BLUES.

Cotton Fields - whilst driving, you see what appears to be garbage / paper all along the roads - then you realise is is cotton 

If you can - listen to the link whilst reviewing the photo's - they speak for themselves

 Mississippi Sunset Series

 Catchin' Catfish on the Mississippi - 

Sunset from the Catfish Boat
 Mississippi - Greenville the 


  1. I love the photo with the silhouette of the fishing boat!

  2. the soundtrack in your car REALLY matters now. Hope it is suitable...

    1. so many Blues songs to choose..
      some are suitable...
      others well,,,
      wait until you see my next upload photo - the ultimate Blues fusion :)

  3. Phill's going to Jackson,going to mess around, Phill's going to Jackson, Jackson's where he'll be found... (R.I.P. Johnny). Cheers, Peter form Peter(Greens)Borough.