Thursday, 25 October 2012

San Luis Obispo – California Mens Colony

Today’s visit was to the California’s men colony. Again the visit was very enlightening. There is something brilliant about having your assumptions / hypothesis destroyed. Ideas that that you have developed from seeing other systems turned on their head because the next system you see, does it so differently that you realise the reasons for behaviours are not about a structural design issue (they may have something to do with behaviour – but they are not the key issue) – more on that later. 

Given a food review has not occurred for some time – this update will be about food and diet.

The diet. You may ask, how is the diet? Well, limiting food intake has helped, but it has been difficult. 

Having committed to salads for nearly the last week and forgoing the South’s “deep fried expertise”- there was not a lot to write about. Have I mentioned baby carrots? They are my best friend. You can buy small bags of these finger size delicacies and they are REALLY nice – sweet and crisp. Combine these with baby broccoli and some humus and you have a very nice meal.... but give me MEAT.  Hello California!

Last night, the choice was grilled calamari and onion rings. Well, I tried! On presentation the grilled calamari was crumbed and deep fried “what the!”. Oh well, combine that with a Samuel Adams Seasonal Octoberfest Ale and you have a nice (but high fat meal)

Today, an early lunch saw me at Franks Hot Dogs ; where the choice was an easy Bacon Lettuce and Tomato. When I ordered, I was not asked “what sort of bread?, What sort of sauce etc etc etc....I asked for a BLT and I got the BEST BLT I have ever had: heaps of lettuce, fresh tasty tomato and REAL bacon on wholemeal toasted bread. Simple but wonderful. Thanks Frank! Seriously – the simplicity was the best bit. 

Whilst at the CMC today, there was an under current of excitement between the staff. (and no, it was not because I was visiting!) One of the staff had delivered home made Tamale. I was offered one, but because I knew they were “currency” and  I politely refused. My host “Hed” insisted, so I agreed – OMG – sensational! THE BEST TAMALE I have ever had (here comes Mexico!

Following my visit to CMC, I made my way to Montana De Oro State Park – to see the park, to see GUM TREES (I love a gum tree) and I needed to put my feet into the easterly Pacific Ocean. After a good walk to the beach and back I noticed the following signs!

but then again - I might have missed these views

I then, on advice from Cheryl from CMC, I strolled through the local evening farmers market. – What great advice! 

Given it was the farmers market before Halloween, many store owners and many families came in fancy dress. There was music, entertainment and Food! So many choices and SO MANY calories. The choice – a Mediterranean style gyros with garlic yoghurt and large amounts of lettuce accompanied by two home made dolmas (they were small!)  

Tomorrow night ... I have been saving myself for this moment... It’s off to Mo’s

follow up to Mo's Smoke House.....
There were so many meat choices, I went with the "Meat Sampler"...  ribs, chicken & shredded pork, beans, cole slaw, and corn bread.
This was Massive! and I now fee like a grizzly bear ready for hibernation. This was a very nice but big and heavy meal. The meats were moist and the sauces were very nice. I ate too much - I could not eat the corn bread.....  just could not fit it in

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