Monday, 1 October 2012

Leaving NYC
 After 2 actioned packed days; I prepare to leave NYC. After all the walking yesterday I can’t face another walk to 52nd West so I study the underground system, take a tremendous breath and jump on board. A moment of panic sets in when I notice it is an express ...... it is a limited express. After some delay in administrative assistance I finally have a car (Toyota Corolla – Grey). As I turn into 53rd Street, I having an overwhelming sense – to vomit!. OMG – IT IS A JUNGLE OUT THERE!  As I head to the express way, the anxiety gauge drops to orange (not Bright Red). It’s about an hour to Fishkill / Newburgh, so there is the afternoon to dawdle.  It is beautiful country, it is autumn. It is just like Bright / Mt Beauty in April (except Bigger) There are deer by the side of the road - country adjustment .... NOT KANGAROOS.
I stumble across West Point ( )They have a big war museum with a full history of America at war – civil and international.  There is a one hour tour into the Military Academy. Again, the whole thing is SO BIG. They have three churches ; the main church (COE) is something reminiscent of HOGWARTS. It was built in 2 years by Italian immigrants who were promised citizenship on completion (they were given 5 years) – it is hard to believe it could have been built in 2 years.
Ohhhh – and the food. 
OK – I went the McDonald's egg and bacon for an early breakfast (I was using their WIFI Right!) I made up for this by having a single banana for lunch.

 Dinner: I knocked back the local Diner (Newburgh); The Big Ribs, The Quaker Steak, and the Large Fish.... Never having had Peruvian food before; I went to Machu Picchu . Very Nice! 
Tamales (entree) and soup of the day.
 I am sure I must have dropped energy (weight) yesterday and today?
Before visiting Fishkill Prison tomorrow a visit to Hasbrouck House, which served as Washington's headquarters during the Revolutionary War from April 1782 until August 1783. It was chosen for its comparatively safe location north of the West Point.'s_Headquarters_State_Historic_Site
It is on the way to  Fishkill Prison -; who have well documented expertise in Aged Prisoner Dementia Care. Tomorrow’s breakfast could be challenging – all you can eat buffet..... (the force is strong in this one!)


  1. I don't know how you have the guts to drive on the wrong side of the road PHill, let alone on Manhattan - you CRAZY BraVE.

    Those war quotes are amazing. we are a wild species.

    Phill - here's some free advice. If you stop going to McDonalds, you are allowed to enjoy the all you can eat buffets. In fact, there is something unholy in not eating all you can at one of those old things.

  2. Well done Phill thus far especially with the driving, like Rose said craziness. (Even if the car isn't quite a mustang).
    The church looks huge but beautiful. Gotta love all you can eat buffets....look forward to hearing about what healthy choices they offer.