Saturday, 20 October 2012


The long way to Jackson from Huntsville is via Memphis - 8 hours of driving.... at the sixth hour, one questions one's sanity.

To stand in the Sun Studio; where so many music legends have been, made music that we all know.

To take in the the history of music

 The Prisonaires

 Million Dollar Quartet

To learn:

To spend time on Beale Street and here different music: Blues, Rock, Rockabilly, Country & & &

To Listen

To stand on the bank of the Mississippi

To eat WAY to much - They know how to BBQ in Memphis (Diet Holiday!)

Of interest; I have been hit on by so many homeless guys. A standard line; "where are you from?" "Australia!" - "I love your accent" - "could you help me out?" - after helping out the first three, I suggested they chase up Carlos (the first guy) - Carlos gave me a view of life on the streets: $7.00 a night at the homeless shelter, get in a cue each evening and hope you get a bed. The breakfasts are pretty good apparently.

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